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My Method

1. I inspect your shear for proper set curve, tip, bumper and handle alignment, assembly parts, ride line and edge nicks.

2. Scratch test to determine the correct cutting angle.

3. Using a Hira-To flat hone machine, I form a new edge at the correct angle, then convex or bevel the outside blade edge appropriately.

4. Polish the outside of each blade appropriately.

5. Use whet stones of various grits to establish, repair, and polish the ride line of each blade.

6. Full cleaning and re-assembly of scissors, replacing parts as needed.

7. Lubrication of pivot area and blades.

8. Set tension with carefully attention to complete 'seating' of all reassembled parts.

9. Confirm quality of new edges with a natural hair cut test.

Service includes:

  • Gluing and tightening loose and missing tangs
  • Bumper replacement
  • Blade tip adjustments for safety
  • Replacement of missing washers