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Acro Type Z-3 Dual - M3 Mizutani
Acro Type Z-3 Dual - M3 Mizutani

Acro Type Z-3 Dual


The Mizutani ZD3 blending shears are designed to enhance movement and provide a vibrant look with teeth on both blades, resulting in a polished inner and outer texture. The even handle/zero offset design ensures a better technique flow.

These shears are made from Nano Powder Metal, known for its sharp, clean cuts and durable edge, making it easy to pull out even on the coarsest hair types. This advanced material offers unprecedented strength and sharpness, with 0% impurities, ensuring a longer lifespan between sharpening. The ZD3’s 10-15% cutting ratio and second-generation dual blades provide a smooth refining experience, perfect for polishing and refining haircuts at the end of a service.

Design Note: The ZD series, with teeth on both the still and moving blades, makes it easier to refine cuts using scissor over comb techniques or cutting sections of wet hair without leaving observable cut lines, ideal for textured hairstyles.