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Acro Yuragi K-10 - M3 Mizutani
Acro Yuragi K-10 - M3 Mizutani

Acro Yuragi K-10


The Mizutani ACRO YURAGI K-10 texturizing shears, with 16 teeth, are designed to produce a chunking effect with a 35-40% hair removal rate. The inclined step blade design ensures a soft bite and smooth withdrawal, leaving minimal hair lines. This precision allows for precise shaping and a perfectly sculpted look.

These shears feature an offset handle design, promoting a more ergonomic position. Made with Extramarise II Cobalt Alloy, they offer durability and superior performance.

Texturizing Shear

 16 teeth

Cutting Ratio: 35-40%

Blade/Teeth Position: Regular

The series includes both even and offset handle options (M for even, K for offset), making them suitable for vertical and horizontal work, including scissor-over-comb techniques, and ideal for both hairstylists and barbers.