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Schorem Master (Nano Powder Metal)

Schorem Master (Nano Powder Metal)


Nano Powder Metal, renowned for its microscopic particles with zero impurities, sets a new standard in scissor metallurgy. This cutting-edge technology employs powder metallurgy to achieve unprecedented strength and sharpness. Unlike competitors’ claims of using “powder” or “Nano Powder Metal," Mizutani ensures rigorous research and sourcing transparency, prioritizing unparalleled quality.

Designed in collaboration with Leen and Bertus of Schorem Barbershop in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the Schorem Master has earned classic status among hairstylists worldwide. This straight blade shear is crafted for barbers who appreciate substantial weight and favor a freestyle cutting approach.

Handle: Featuring the industry’s second-largest thumb ring after the Matelite, it caters to hairstylists with larger hands, commonly encountered at our education sessions and conventions. Choosing the right fit is crucial for career longevity, reducing the risk of hand and wrist strain.