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Stellite Alloy Series-2 - M3 Mizutani
Stellite Alloy Series-2 - M3 Mizutani

Stellite 2


The Stellite 2 is a versatile “chunker” shear with 12 teeth, renowned for its durability, smooth cutting action, and excellent pull-out capabilities. Its ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable fit in your hand during use.

Crafted from Stellite Alloy, a rust-resistant material renowned for its exceptional quality and longevity. This cobalt-based alloy constitutes over 50% of the STELLITE 2, setting it apart from conventional steel cutting tools. 

Additional Features:

Flat screw for easy adjustment from the back

Enhanced ball bearing screw system for smooth operation

Removable finger rest/tang for personalized comfort

Cutting Ratio: 25-30%