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Sword D-17 - M3 Mizutani
Sword D-17 - M3 Mizutani

Sword D-17


The D-17 stands as the pinnacle of precision within the Sword® series, distinguished by its severely offset (crane) handle.

Designed with ergonomics at the forefront, the Sword® series redefines the three-dimensional handle for optimal comfort and control. The built-in ball bearing screw, crafted from carbon resin, ensures an unparalleled smoothness in scissor operation.

Design Note:

Handles are available in even, semi-offset, and offset configurations. The degree of offset directly influences the ease of scissor operation, with offset handles offering the most effortless experience. The Sword® series boasts the most offset handles within our North American collection, enhancing ergonomic performance.

Made with Cobalt Alloy Extramarise ll