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Sword DB 20 - M3 Mizutani
Sword DB 20 - M3 Mizutani

Sword DB 20


If you’ve been searching for the pinnacle of versatility in hair shears—suitable for wet and dry cutting, point cutting, and channel cutting—you’ve found it here. Unlike the Blacksmith Fit or Solid, this shear stands out with its use of Nano Powder Metal®—a cutting-edge advancement in scissor production known for unmatched strength and sharpness. The Sword® series is renowned for featuring the most offset handles in the North American collection.

Advanced Technology

Nano Powder Metal® utilizes extremely small particles and powder metallurgy to create scissors with exceptional durability and cutting precision. While other brands may claim to use similar technologies, Mizutani ensures transparency and quality control in sourcing and research.

*Customizable for left-handed users