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Mizutani's 3 Best Dry and Slide Cutting Scissors

Mizutani's 3 Best Dry and Slide Cutting Scissors

Mizutani has many great scissor models, sometimes the options can be overwhelming. If you're seeking a tool specializing in dry and slide cutting you may already know what features are necessary - a razor sharp angle on correctly shaped blades. These three are excellent Mizutani models to consider:

The Specializer: Acroleaf Wide K - $800
  • Blade curves maintain a precise angle while closing for ideal slide cutting
  • The ultimate tool for dry and slide cutting
  • Available in 5", 5.5", and 6" lengths

More Versatile: Blacksmith Fit Puffin  - $650

  • Excellent for dry, slide, point, and blunt cutting and chipping
  • Clean design with a flat screw tension adjuster
  • Available in 5.5", 6", 6.5", and 7" lengths

Great Pricepoint: Ichi Nino San #2 - $600

  • Thick blades allow for easy slide and dry cutting
  • Removable finger rest/tang
  • Available in 5.5" and 6" lengths

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