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Mizutani's Tailored Penslim shear

Mizutani's Top Four Detailing Scissors

Mizutani is all about the details, and if you're seeking a new tool to care for the finer points of your haircuts you have come to the right place! Below I'd like to briefly describe some of Mizutani's best detailing scissors, each with its own unique features and price point.

Blacksmith Fit - $600

  • Innovative design features a triangular and angled finger hole that fits almost any hand
  • Base model intended for hair schools and academies in North America including Paul Mitchell and American Crew

Blacksmith Twig - $650

  • Designed especially for petite hands with better-fitting thumb and finger rings and overall smaller form
  • "Cat's eye" blade is pointy for precision work, yet retains the power for slide cutting

Tailored Penslim - $750

  • Lightweight, 2mm thinner blades for a closer-to-the-skin experience doing scissor over comb and detailing
  • Designed in collaboration with a Vidal Sassoon instructor

Blacksmith Fit Speedstar - $750

  • Swivel handle affords outstanding freedom of handling, rotating 360° vertically, and 360° horizontally
  • All-around, workhorse blades, excellent for both wet and dry cutting